Circuit Card Design

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ARC is capable of designing, developing and manufacturing customized circuit cards to your detailed specifications. At ARC, our design engineers have the necessary equipment, knowledge and expertise to accurately design and layout a wide variety of Circuit Card Assemblies. We provide services that focus toward high performance aircraft and defense industries as well as the commercial and manufacturing markets.

Circuit Card Design Services
• Multilayer Designs
• Printed Circuit Board Assembly
• High Speed Backplanes
• Controlled Impedance Thru-hole
• Flexible & surface-Mount
• FPGA Applications

Certifications & Standards
• IPC-A-620
• IPC-A-610
• J-STD-001
• WS-6536
• MIL-STD-2000
• MIL-STD-454

In many cases our customers have a CCA that needs to be reproduced or restored but have minimal or no original documentation. We are able to perform reverse engineering to the CCA creating a new schematic with a complete document package. Prototype and First Article units can be supplied for verification testing to ensure complete satisfaction. ARC has a strong reputation in providing reliable, quality products and rapid performance at a low cost to our customers.