Technology Insertion

Technology Insertion varies slightly from re-host or Tech-Refresh. Technology Insertion is the act of reverse engineering an existing system and providing additional functional capabilites due to the utilization of more modern technology. ARC specializes in both form-fit functional replacements (mimicking the exact original functionality) as well as total system re-design, adding features and updating the assembly or sub-assembly in areas when desirable.

Below are some of the Technology Insertion projects ARC has performed related specifically to the MPN-14K Radar Shelter. This includes updating several existing CCAs, RF components, and other various electronic assemblies.

ARC Designs RF Switch Modules

RF Switch Modules

ARC Designed Radio Bypass Switch

Radio Bypass Switches

ARC Desgined Power Supply

High Voltage Power Supplies

ARC Designed High Voltage Power Supplies

Multi-Voltage Power Supplies