Sustain – ARSR-4 CCA

The ARSR-4 is the FAA’s most recent (late 80s, early 90s) addition to the “Long Range” series of radars, which are search radars with a range of at least 200 nautical miles (370 km). The Westinghouse system is solid state and has a 250-nautical-mile (460 km) range. In addition, the ARSR-4 features a “look down” capability that enables the radar to detect aircraft attempting to elude detection by flying at low altitudes, advanced clutter reduction via hardware and software post-processing, and enhanced poor-weather detection of aircraft.

In 2003, ARC was contracted to provide an updated Pre-Regulator Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) used in the ARSR-4 Preamplifier Assembly, P/N 3D56069G01.  This electronic replacement part consisted of one First Article Unit and 9 production CCA’s. The FAA was experiencing failures on this CCA primarily due to burnt circuitry resulting from its poor initial design. ARC reviewed the legacy CCA’s design and determined that the printed circuit copper  tracks could not carry the current required to drive the electronics. ARC created new Printed Circuit Board (PCB) artwork and increased the current carrying capacity of the drive circuitry.

ARC Part Number 603217 was provided for FAA  on September 22, 2003. Preliminary testing was successful and further mechanical layout changes were then done to accommodate other units in the ARSR-4 system at no additional cost to the customer. The second First Article was delivered 6 weeks later and passed all Acceptance tests.  ARC then manufactured a small production lot of 9 units for the FAA.  To date there have been no failures of this CCA in the system.

This effort demonstrated ARC’s ability to design improvements based on fault analysis and diagnosis and quickly moving through the design and proof of concept.  ARC has built a solid reputation on supporting our customers and seeing a project though to successful completion.

Old ARSR-4 Pre-Regulator Circuit Cards With Damaged Circuitry.

Old ARSR-4 Pre-Regulator Circuit Cards With Damaged Circuitry

ARC Designed ARSR-4 Pre-Regulator Circuit Card

ARC Designed ARSR-4 Pre-Regulator Circuit Card


ARSR-4: Air Route Surveillance Radar systems are installed along the borders and coastal areas of the CONUS, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba, the municipality of Yigo on Guam, and a training site at the FAA's Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City. They are generally unmanned, being equipped with remote monitoring of both the radar data and the status of the radar's health and environment