Sustain – FAA ATCBI System

The Air Traffic Control Beacon Interrogator (ATCBI) versions 4 and 5 have had over 25 years of operation in the NAS.  The FAA Logistics Center (FAALC) is currently maintaining these systems.  ARC has been working with the FAALC with the upgrade of several key units, primarily within the ATCBI-5, that have been increasingly difficult to support. We have also assisted the FAALC in identifying other potential upgrade candidates.  ARC also offers an updated Test Platform for these items so that FAALC personnel can troubleshoot and repair future field returns.

In 2002, ARC was contracted to provide a fit, form, functional replacement, 1030 MHz Exciter-Modulator (RF oscillator and power amplifier) module that is part of the Air Traffic Control Beacon Interrogator, version 5, (ATCBI-5) system. It produces a 1030 MHz CW local-oscillator signal to receiver circuits, as well as producing a CW monitor signal. The 1030 MHz signal is derived from a microwave oscillator running at 1030 MHz, which is phase locked to a 103 MHZ crystal.

ARC Part Number 603191 was provided for FAA First Article Testing (FAT) on September 17, 2002.   This unit passed all requirements and the remaining Exciters were supplied along with documentation for the FAA to support any future field returns.  ARC has subsequently received follow-on orders for an additional 70 units, as well as providing depot repair support for fielded units.

AARC Updates ATCBI Devices

The FAA and DOD maintain several Beacon Interrogator Systems (ATCBI-4, ATCBI-5, ATCRBS, and Mode-S) within the National Airspace System (NAS). These systems assist with air traffic control by supplying aircraft identification, altitude, airspeed and direction. These systems are normally used as secondary surveillance radar fielded with an ASR (terminal) or an ARSR (enroute) system. They can also be used as a stand-alone system to provide additional radar coverage within the NAS.

ATCBI: The Air Traffic Control Beacon Interrogator (ATCBI) transmitter interrogates transponders that are located on aircraft, while its receiver detects and processes the responses from the aircraft transponders. The ATCBI system supplies positive identification and altitude information, allowing controllers to track each plane more precisely and efficiently.

Power Supply CCA: 5840-01-101-6979
Receiver (–5 Version): 5840-01-508-4897
Receiver (-4 Version): 5840-01-113-0841
Transmitter: 5840-01-308-6468

Matrix CCA: 5998-01-205-4931
Ring Seals: 5330-01-113-3771
Turnbuckle: 5340-01-113-5723

ARC Projects with FAALC ATCBI-5:
Multi Voltage Regulator Card

ATCRBS: Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System (ATCRBS) is a secondary surveillance radar system developed for use within the air traffic control system for more precise position reporting of planes.