Rehost – CD-2 Power Supply

ARC worked directly with the FAA the extend the lifecycle of the Common Digitizer Model 2 (CD2) Power Supply.  This project involved Rehosting the functionality of the outdated existing power supply, with more modern components.

ARC CD-2 Supply
The Common Digitizer Model 2 (CD2) is a radar/digital signal and/or data processing system used at en route, terminal radar or beacon only sites. The CD2 accepts broadband input from Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR), Air Route Surveillance Radar (ARSR) and/or beacon data acquisition equipment. The system converts analog signals to digital message format for transmission by narrow band capability landlines or carrier equipment.

• Power Supply (-1): 6130-01-301-5389
• Power supply (-2): 6130-01-253-7067
• Power supply (-3): 6130-01-290-5468