Test – MSAT Test Platform

ARC MSATARC was awarded a contract to provide the Marine Corps Logistics Center (MCLC) with ARC’s Mixed Signal Automated Test (MSAT) system. The MSAT System is designed to be a flexible test platform for mixed signal devices.  With the use of the MSAT, MCLC technicians can quickly and accurately test and troubleshoot and wide variety of Units Under Test (UUT) that previously were done on a work bench or in a system test bed with extender cards and test probes.

The MSAT is a highly integrated, easily expanded test station based around ARC’s High Speed Tester (HST) Series of test products, along with a combination of off the shelf test and measurement equipment.

The HST module features the latest advancement in digital test utilizing ARC’s test system on a chip technology.  These Ethernet controlled testers perform real time and conditional stimulus, read-back and analysis.  Standard digital test features such as looping, jumping and subroutines are available. Some of the HSTs advanced features include algorithmic pattern generation, per pin CRC generation / detection and trigger generation for external devices.

ARC designs Test Program Sets (TPS) and Interface Test Adapters (ITA) for the MSAT based on the schematic and parameters of the units to be tested.  These are processed through ARC’s TestCentre™ and MicroExecutive Software application with an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) with PASS/FAIL indication and troubleshooting capabilities.


ARC recently provided the MCLC the capability and training to develop their own TPSs on the MSAT.  To further assist, ARC developed a new multi unit Configurable ITA format that allows MCLC engineering and technical personnel to easily create new test applications for future requirements.

ARC has also deployed three MSAT systems at the FAA Logistics to support radar components within the National Airspace System.

ARC TestCentre - MSAT Development

MSAT Test Fixture ATE

ARC TestCentre - Automated Test SequenceATE Test Fixture for MSAT