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CEO Announces ARC’s Geographical Growth Strategy

Nashua, NH – ARC Technology Solutions, LLC. ARC’s CEO, W. Robert Nichols II, today announced a Geographical Growth Strategy for the company, which shall be implemented over the next three years.

“To best engage and service our customers we recognize it necessary for ARC to develop regional hubs, where we bring our talented personnel much closer to our customer’s manufacturing facilities” Nichols said. “We have selected several key immediate domestic territories for growth, with the high likelihood of expansion into both Canada and Mexico over the coming years,” Nichols added.

Headquartered in Nashua, NH, ARC designs, manufactures and services innovative technical solutions for a variety of manufacturing industries. ARC’s solutions include automated electrical and component end-of-line (EOL) functional test; specialized manufacturing and assembly solutions for sustainment, torque, gauging, and leak testing applications. As a full-service technical solution provider, the Company also offers turn-key design, engineer-to-print (ETP), and built-to-print (BTP) manufacturing services.