Depot Test & Repair

ARC specializes in performing Depot Test and Repair on products no longer supported by the OEM.

Depot repair is a unique discipline involving precise logistics coordination, technical testing and compliant repair of Customer Owned Equipment. ARC Technology Solutions has over a decade of servicing and supporting depot programs for commercial organizations, military and government agencies.

As a full-service depot repair facility, ARC pulls upon our expertise in test, logistics and repair development. Our process is fully ESD safeguarded and our technicians are IPC certified and use state-of-the-art testing equipment.

Our engineers and technicians monitor the return of damaged and serviceable products, perform diagnoses, processes approvals, and repairs. We hold a strong reputation in remanufacturing non-repairable and obsolete items, with minimal or no specifications.

Re-host offers the greatest opportunity to improve existing test systems by increasing the system’s reliability, functionality and flexibility. Through equipment and software upgrades, a system re-host can decrease downtime, increase the availability of spare components, data recording capability and offer a clear path for future system upgrades. Additionally, the technology in updated systems is more accessible to today’s technical personnel as most training programs are geared towards current technology.

Depot Repair Process

• Customer requests repair/rehost service to product.
• An RMA number is assigned and delivered to the customer in exhchage for the repairable.
• A serialized route card is dated, documented and assigned to the repairable.
• The product is placed in a secure location between diagnosis, test and repair.
• For first time units, a test program is developed per contract.
• Unit is troubleshot, parts are obtained, repaired and tested.
• The unit is then packed, shipped and assigned a tracking number.