ARC DS Products

General Description
ARC’s family of digital subsystem products provide a modular digital stimulus-response system that is capable of meeting the requirements of a variety of digital test systems and devices. Utilizing the digital subsystem, your devices can be  tested in a real-world environment for the most accurate assessment of how   your system will behave once it moves into production. The intelligent sequencer capability of a stimulus-response system allows the user’s test   program to provide real-time digital stimulus and response for the device under test (DUT) thus allowing a realistic test of complex digital devices, boards and subsystems. The powerful vector development environment of the TestCentre™ software provides the user with an intuitive development environment for the creation and translation of complex test program sequences.

The digital subsystem family is available in either a VXI or LAN based interface. The base 2U LAN unit provides 64-128 channels of I/O with larger units of up 512 channels. VXI versions are also available to provide flexibility in test system packaging.

Real-Time Sequencer
The test state sequencer provides per-clock branch and looping control with a 32 level call stack. Additional conditional capability is available with a 16 level trace sequencer that provides logic analyzer-like triggering and trace capabilities.

The base model provides 1Mbit vector memory depth per pin, with a planned expansion capability up to 64Mbit per pin. Each pin is backed by 1Mbit of tristate / output / expected / record vector memory, enabling per-cycle stimulus and analysis of the DUT.

I/O Modules
I/O modules are available in both fixed and variable voltage versions. VAR/CMOS/TTL

Interface Technology SR5000/SR2500 Replacements
ARC’s DS204-0100 and DS204-9101 Digital Subsystems are designed as pin-compatible replacements for Interface Technology’s SR5000 and SR2500   Digital Subsystems, and come with TPS import tools for efficiency and ease of use.

Standard Features:

• 64 Input/Output channels
• Clock Rate: 10Hz – 50MHz Internal, 25MHz – 50MHz External
• Pin Timing
Timing Control: Independent per pin
Delay Range: One test clock period
Resolution: 0.5 ns
Delay Accuracy: +/-2 ns
Minimum Pulse Width: 10.0 ns
Pulse Width Accuracy: 4.0 ns


ARC DS 201 - Ethernet Controlled

ARC DS 201 – Ethernet Controlled


ARC DS204 - VXI Based

ARC DS204 – VXI Based


ARC TestCentre

ARC TestCentre