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Automated Test Executive

ARC TestCentre Software

TestCentre™ Overview
ARC’s   TestCentre™ software is an integrated suite for the complete development of digital, analog and mixed signal test systems. The TestCentre™ suite consists of tools for developing digital test program sets, building sophisticated test sequences, and automating the test process, be it in a low volume, R&D, or high volume production environment. TestCentre™ is designed to allow engineers, developers and technicians to get past the test creation learning curve as quickly as possible and focus on the task at hand with an intuitive user interface. Specifically for digital test developers, TestCentre™   includes the DS Configuration Editor Module, which allows users to quickly create digital field definitions, associate tester hardware I/O with UUT I/O, set variable voltage and advanced timing configurations, create conditional criteria, and configure all of the options needed for a digital TPS. The DS   Source Builder then allows users to graphically create digital vectors for stimulus and response, build reusable functions and subroutines for more sophisticated digital patterns (such as memory tests, CPU tests, and bus   emulation), and compile the graphical projects into DS executable programs.

TestCentre Features
• Palette and menu based graphical drag and drop interface for all tools.
• Modular architecture allows flexible licensing of development and test automation modules for cost effective test automation solutions.
• Supports multi-user configurations for controlling multiple levels of operator access.

General Test Development:
• Hierarchy based graphical test sequence editor for quick test sequence creation and editing.
• Efficient, easy to use test step API accessible to all DLL capable development languages.
• Robust, reusable test executive suitable for a broad range of test scenarios.

Digital Test Development (DS Specific)
• Native tools for importing and translating the common SCPI vector files used by Interface Technology’s SR2500/5000 series testers into TestCentre™ editable and DS20x executable test patterns.
• DS Source Builder supports familiar constructs to quickly build TPS’s while keeping vector sequences manageable and broken down into reusable components.
• Sophisticated DS Execution Interface module provides a graphical low-level interface to DS hardware functions for detailed R&D, TPS development and debug.
• Multi-Tiered driver accessible to all programming languages capable of leveraging dynamic link libraries.