Leadership Team

As a veteran-owned business, ARC takes great pride in the relationships we have forged and solutions we are delivering for our customers.

Our leadership team is driven by you- we serve you, and we want to hear from you to make our solution and service oriented approach to problem solving work for you.

Please meet our team:

Rob Nichols


Rob has been with ARC since 2002, first as a systems engineer and then as VP of engineering. Rob moved into the CEO role in 2015 and has been a visionary to lead our company in developing sophisticated productivity solutions in the areas of torque, assembly, test and automation. The new growth in business initiatives and expertise in our torque assembly solutions have been under Rob’s direction. Rob leads the corporate vision and strategic company direction and is the key facilitator in sales, manufacturing and finance teams to make ARC successful into the future.

David Kirouac

Director of Quality

Prior to joining ARC Technology Solutions in 2018 David held the position of Vice President of Operations and was instrumental to the startup of a contract manufacturing company. As the VP of Operations David oversaw all aspects of Operations and established the quality systems that grew the business on average 35% annually. With substantial experience in leading business units in manufacturing, quality and service, David brings over 25 years of insight, business development, and management skills to ARC’s continuous improvement objectives. David joined ARC with the commitment to provide the highest quality products, services, and solutions to our customers.

Ken Collins

Lead Technical Consultant

Ken has worked in many industries, first at Raytheon, assisting with creating depot repair solutions, then with IE Test back in the late 1990s. Joining ARC in 2002, Ken has led many of ARC’s engineering efforts for depot repair solutions and in creating the MSAT (Mixed Signal Automated Test) platform that has been adopted in both depot repair and in critical circuit card testing applications. Ken was President of ARC from 2008 to 2015, and most recently Ken has taken Engineering lead on critical architectures for our Digital System X (DSX) platform to quickly enable technology replacement by using modern FPGA architecture being at the core of both test and embedded designs.

John Pimental

Operations Consultant

John has led ARC in various roles and was President of the company through 2008. John, also a veteran, is currently supporting our manufacturing operations, working closely with sales, production support and manufacturing, to help drive successful manufacturing out of ARC.

Patrick Noonan

Sales and Marketing Director

Patrick joined ARC in 2016 after a 19 year career with National Instruments (NI), having had roles in product engineering, sales and business development. Patrick worked with several NI acquisitions as a business development manager and as a sales and marketing leader, leading multiple sales and marketing efforts with top industrial and academic partners. He worked with ARC as a sales manager and is joining the ARC team leading the Sales, Marketing and Applications Engineering teams in creating the next generation of customer centric solutions for new and existing customers.

Jack Hannon

Operations Director

John has led ARC in various roles in manufacturing and production capacities over a span of 10+ years at ARC. He has recently moved into the Operations Director role and leads engineering, production and project management teams at ARC.

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