PVS - Process Verification System

What is ARC PVS®?

  • Manufacturing Process Standardization and Verification
  • Guide Operators through Complex Work Instructions
  • Serial Number Traceability
  • Rapidly Respond to Production Trends
  • Create, Share and Edit Work Instructions
  • Device Control and Feedback
  • Error Proof Your Workflow
  • Generate Custom Report Sheets
  • Time-Stamped Results for Warrant Claim Verification
  • Persistent SQL Server Storage
  • MES Integration
  • Built In Service Tracker
  • Custom Device API
  • Industrial Grade Components
  • 21x Network Ethernet Port, 1x Device Ethernet Port



  • Integrated 8 x 24v Digital Ins and 8 x 24v Digital Outs for tool control/ feedback.
  • Smart internal UPS power management – cannot corrupt storage from power failure
  • 2 Additional Device Ethernet Ports
  • RS232 Serial Device Support
  • Up to 1 TB of internal solid-state storage.

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