A Competitive Technology Edge

You have a Competitive Technology Edge with ARC

We have worked with RF test systems up to 50 Ghz in the DoD, aerospace and consumer electronics space. We have integrated the latest smart tools into complex manufacturing systems we have designed from the ground up. Our customers rely and expect us to deliver the know-how, quality and superior design in the systems we deliver. You expect to gain ROI based on the technology choice that you’ve selected; let ARC show you how.

A few examples of our technology:
Smart, automated torque tools for aerospace. We have worked with multiple companies to integrate the best vendor for our customer’s specific torque operation. Whether you are using Desoutter, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll-Rand, Stanley or any other types of manufacturing tools, ARC can be the integration hub that ties everything together with PVS. We have done error proofing solutions in everything from stand-alone smart assembly stations with a single tool all the way to fully automated tools that allow for modern jet engines assembly systems to leverage the latest in automated assembly technology and error proofing.

The latest trends in automation and testing for testing and supporting data server infrastructure. Our test tools, with capabilities up to 50Ghz, have likely tested parts of the data server infrastructure that you rely on every day, to connect, deliver e-commerce and support the latest in high speed data connectivity. ARC has innovated, along with our customers, to make sure the test technologies evolve and meet the growing demand for connected devices in our modernized internet.

Intelligent fixture technology using FPGAs. Although test fixtures are a necessity and have been a part of high value automated test since its inception, we have been able to innovate the HOW on developing robust, yet flexible test fixture technology. Through our flexible adapter technology, customers can greatly increase their ROI by working with ARC to produce test adapters that can support multiple circuit cards. We have built fixtures that have on board intelligence (with FPGAs such as DSX) that allows some of the test processing or test setup to be offloaded into the fixture specific to a device. Most recently, our side-by-side technology has accelerated what you can do in an intelligent fixture, including supporting debug and troubleshooting in an innovative way for the most complex circuit cards.

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