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We help you create best-in-class test solutions.

System Built-to-Print

We fulfill your Built-to-print and Engineer-to-print manufacturing needs.

Tooling and Torque

We find your productivity tooling answers by design.

Tech Insertion & Sustainment

We help sustain your legacy systems through robust engineered technology insertion.

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ARC Designed A7 Video Time Compressor

Test Solutions

ARC testing solutions come tailored to meet your needs. Whether its high speed digital, mixed signal or RF, ARC is here to design and build your next high performance testing solution. Not sure what you need? ARC’s base MSAT test platform is a great start to building out a cost optimized testing solution.

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Tooling and Torque

Whether you need full automated assembly or operator assisted automation, ARC has come up with hundreds of solutions for torque, assembly and assisted assembly in aerospace, automotive and the trucking industry. Need a complete solution to interface to a basic smart torque tool for manual assembly? – check out our ARC PVS platform.

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Tech Insertion & Sustainment

Having problems with legacy equipment, having sustainment issues or is there a certain piece of your equipment that needs upgraded technology? ARC’s team of engineers and innovators have been assisting organizations such as the FAA, Air Force, Marine Corps and others to upgrade their systems. Check out our technology insertion and sustainment efforts to help keep your equipment running for another 20 years.

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Helping Your Company Succeed

ARC Has Key Product Innovations to Help Your Company Scale. We create customer specific solutions, but we’ve been able to put together a core product offering that can help your company succeed.


Shorten Your Test Development Time


A Product with Many Digital Personalities


Error Proof Your Process with PVS – Your Manufacturing Steps Verified


Allows your Torque tool to Work within Augmented Reality Applications

Scaling Engineering Innovation

You need to automate, integrate, innovate—or maybe all three to help provide the best solution. ARC helps you drive advancement through engineering development and our ability to create custom scalable solutions by innovating system and mechanical design, integrating software and hardware and ultimately providing a best-in-class solution, customized for you.

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Quality first

What Makes Us Different From Others

For over a decade, ARC has been providing technical productivity solutions in automated test equipment (ATE) and torque assembly to a vast range of customers. Our team at ARC has the unique ability to analyze and fully understand the architecture of our customers’ technical product or manufacturing assembly.


The people who make us who we are. Dedicated. Professional. Responsive.


Innovation isn’t a buzzword here at ARC. For us, we know we can make it better, we can leverage our knowledge and past experience to evolve your systems to make your manufacturing and testing process better through innovation.


Smart tools, High Frequency Test, PXI, RFID, modern industrial touch screens, 3D printing, mechatronics, process verification, robotics – this is ARC. We leverage the most up-to-date technology to keep your company’s manufacturing on the leading edge.


With leadership in the test and automation industry since 1999, our team of experts have backgrounds from top electronics, defense and manufacturing solution vendors.

Although we have seen a wide gamut of challenges we understand that your most challenging manufacturing problems are unique to you or have unique requirements for your products. We have an experienced staff with multiple disciplines that can relate your problem to solutions we have worked on before, but give you the custom solutions giving you an edge in solving your challenges. Let our experience work for you and get you to a better solution faster.

The ARC Service Offering

With a full-time dedicated service manager and service ticket support system, you can be sure that your needs are heard and that ARC’s support is just a click or phone call away.
Install and Development
Whether it is an error proofing application or a complete end-of-line (EOL) test solution, ARC services what we sell by providing quality onsite installation and development as required by the project. Whether it is a senior engineering resource or our expert team of engineering technicians, ARC can provide the best solution to get your application up and running at your site when completed.
Local On-Site Maintenance and Production Support
Need an ARC expert onsite ready to assist with preventative maintenance or provide critical path production support for your tool or manufacturing needs? ARC is able to provide onsite expert staffing that can service what we sell and provide the know-how to make sure your critical manufacturing process minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity. Speak with ARC about our onsite staffing solutions – we want to part of your team!
Warranty Repair and Support
Typically our system and product solutions are under warranty for up to 1 year, or can be extended through a paid extended service plan. Have something from ARC that needs to be repaired or fixed? Just give us a call and we can assist in helping you.
Please see our contact page for submitting warranty or repairs through our RMA process.
Remote Support
We have remote support solutions to help you with software and station maintenance, when you are located across the country or even when you are across the globe. ARC’s commitment to quality and service allows us to be responsive to your needs. We can offer remote software installation support, standby support during critical OS upgrades and other remote service packages to keep our customers on track.

How Can Our Flexible Approach Help You?

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I found ARC to be very professional and extremely helpful throughout the project, from specification, through design and execution. The final project was as expected. I would definitely work with ARC again.”
Mike K.

Associate Scientist

“I have been working with ARC for 3 years. Having had experience with other companies in the out-source model, I have found that ARC is an order of magnitude more capable and responsive to my requirements.”
Dean B.

Operations Test Engineering Manager

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Meet The Owners

As a veteran-owned business, ARC takes great pride in the relationships we have forged and solutions we are delivering for our customers.

Our leadership team is driven by you – we serve you, and we want to hear from you to make our solution and service oriented approach to problem solving work for you.

Rob Nichols

CFO and Chairman of the Board

Rob has been with ARC since 2002, first as a systems engineer and then as VP of engineering. Rob moved into the CEO role in 2015 and has been a visionary to lead our company in developing sophisticated productivity solutions in the areas of torque, assembly, test and automation. The new growth in business initiatives and expertise in our torque assembly solutions have been under Rob’s direction. Rob leads the corporate vision and strategic company direction and is the key facilitator in sales, manufacturing and finance teams to make ARC successful into the future.

Allan Baldvins

Quality/Contracts Consultant

Allan has led ARC in various roles in Quality, Engineering and Manufacturing. Allan is also a veteran of the US Navy. He is currently supporting Quality with ISO9001:2015 and Sales with contracts

Ken Collins

Lead Technical Consultant

Ken has worked in many industries, first at Raytheon, assisting with creating depot repair solutions, then with IE Test back in the late 1990s. Joining ARC in 2002, Ken has led many of ARC’s engineering efforts for depot repair solutions and in creating the MSAT (Mixed Signal Automated Test) platform that has been adopted in both depot repair and in critical circuit card testing applications. Ken was President of ARC from 2008 to 2015, and most recently Ken has taken Engineering lead on critical architectures for our Digital System X (DSX) platform to quickly enable technology replacement by using modern FPGA architecture being at the core of both test and embedded designs.

John Pimental

Operations Consultant

John has led ARC in various roles and was President of the company through 2008. John, also a veteran, is currently supporting our manufacturing operations, working closely with sales, production support and manufacturing, to help drive successful manufacturing out of ARC.