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Torque Tools

ARC has built customized manual torque and fixtured tool solutions for our customers in various industries.

We can help you achieve your manual and automated torque needs, and provide a layer of error-proofing to make your process better. We have worked with the best brands such as Atlas Copco, Desoutter, Stanley and others in delivering complex, yet easy-to-use fixture based tools or manual torque stations that meet your ROI requirements.  We listen
to you – and then apply our innovation and know-how to make a better solution – that is our competitive advantage.

Improve Maintainability and Reliability.

Trust is always important in mission critical technologies.

Cost Efficient

Reduce Cost of Acquisition and Life Cycle Support

Increased Functionality

Upgrade tech support and daily functionality of old tech.

Increased Performance

Provide your systems with greater speed and efficiency.

Fixture Based Tools

Whether it is a single spindle or a multi-spindle solution, we can bring the best mechanical design elements to create a productivity solution, with ergonomics and error proofing built into the solution from the start.

An ARC based fixtured torque solution consists of:

  • Torque Arm or Tool Balancer
  • Spindle and Controllers as required

PVS Controller for Error Proofing

Custom Torque Solutions

For complex torque applications, ARC can create a custom torque assembly station to speed up your assembly process. We have designed and built highly customized torque assembly stations for jet engine manufacturers. We have expertise is custom gearboxes, torque delivery in hard to reach locations and other challenges involved in the torque world.

For a more complete list of solutions go to our Torque Solutions and Applications page.

Manual Torque Work Stations

With PVS, we can facilitate your manual torque tool needs by providing a manual torque station for operator driven torque assemblies for error proofing your DC operated tools or corded tools for manual torque operations. We can provide stands, carts, mobile cases, interfacing to work instructions.

A few example solutions:

  • PVS Mobile Torque Station with DC wireless tool for Maintenance and Repair
  • Torque Verification Stand for fluid / hydraulic ‘B-nut’ style fittings
  • Quality PVS Gate Keeper system for Torque quality checks
  • PVS for hydraulic fittings + fluid fill  + leak test


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