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ARC Software Development Team – Multiple Disciplines, Multiple Platforms, 1 Goal to Serve You

In support of system, test and our tooling design, our software development team is ARC’s primary advantage in providing the superior performance in hardware (electrical), mechanical and software cohesiveness. The software team at ARC literally brings all of it together.

Whether you want to leverage one of our standard platforms, such as TestCentre or harness the power of the process editor in our PVS software to build up your custom workflow, most customers are impacted by the power and scalability of our software solutions, without sometimes ever knowing the tremendous effort that goes into our software.

Customization, whether you are needing work in LabVIEW, TestStand, C# or other development platforms, our team can deliver the perfect solution, tie the mechanical and electrical worlds together in coming up with your next solution.

Here are some samples of what our team can do:

  • Connect and develop smart tool drivers for capturing torque and other assembly data
  • Integrate Keysight and National Instruments hardware into a single high productivity test and automation solution
  • Come up with custom database and MES (manufacturing execution system) interfaces for your shop floor environment
  • Integrate your custom IP or firmware into one of our base platform products (such as DSX) = meaning a custom tailored solution for you, while keeping your IP secure.
  • Custom UI, touchscreen, machine control and workflow automation solutions with our in-depth HMI and PLC programming capabilities

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