Automotive Manufacturers Benefit from End-of- Line Testing and Value Process Engineering

Automotive manufacturers need innovation in testing process to allow high throughput, low touch solutions to rapidly move product through final testing phases. Robust and reliable testing measures are a must-have in your automotive manufacturing space to make sure components and assemblies are effectively tested to ensure zero defects are passed along to manufacturers. In a recent large scale end-of-line testing application completed by ARC, a starter motor manufacturer achieved efficient handling and testing by creating an adaptive automated testing solution from ARC, which allowed a variety of models of starter motors to be loaded and tested on the same handling line through multi-station handling and test platform. The handling system also staged each testing operation, allowing electrical, load and vibration testing to be done in a single test machine, allowing dramatic efficiency gains to be achieved in overall test throughput.

With our expertise in test and measurement, merged with our sophistication for machine building, ARC can be the one company helping you develop large, multistage test solutions to help gain a significant throughput advantage in your manufacturing operations.

The ARC based solution in automotive will help you achieve:

  • Best-in-class continuity, electrical and load testing
  • Sound and vibration testing
  • Safety and ergonomics
  • High capacity throughput for your process
  • Process control with reporting and capturing performance and failure mode data

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