Rapid Prototype Development

ARC Engineering Team – Rapid System Prototyping

Have time to market pressure and need to get a system or assembly or production line up and running quickly? Need to rapidly build out a solution, but don’t want to spend months on building up an architecture? Allow our rapid prototyping team to assist you – whether it is crafting 3D printed mechanical assemblies or a building up a high speed IO interface, you are in very capable hands with the ARC engineering team. Our DSX product, can help support your IP, implement your process or and be the core processing engine for your design, or if a larger system, DSX could be an integral part of your system. PVS, another tool that can help error-proof your assembly process, is ready to go in a flexible, software-centric solution that you can be reconfigured as needed to meet your changing demands.

Also, do you want to know our best kept secret? It is in our mechanical reference design and reuse library.

Don’t recreate a custom architecture and don’t spend days, weeks or even months deliberating the countless tradeoffs between design and implementation. Get the advantage by letting our team of experts help configure your product assembly or system solution – by leveraging the best in FPGA and system level PXI technology that ARC has already created for you. Get to your solution faster – the ARC way.

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