ARC can Expertly Design Your Custom End of Line Functional Testing Solution

Whether you are testing RF LRU modules as a defense contractor, or implementing the next power supply tester for EV charge stations, ARC can create a custom, flexible automated end of line test solution for a variety of needs, with your budget in mind.

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Error Proofing Your Workflow – Your Manufacturing Process Verified

In today’s complex manufacturing world, having too little process data or unknown and missing process steps in your manufacturing workflow can produce an ineffective workflow and ultimately increase the risk of warranty claims for your products.

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ARC’s In-house Engineering Testing Capability Pairs Well with Production for Your Next Project

At ARC, we know engineering testing, and with our in-house mixed signal test capabilities, we can get you the right test services for what you need. Working with our leveraged partnerships (National Instruments, Keysight and others), we can augment our standard capability with whatever test requirements you have for power, precision analog, high-speed digital, and RF testing up through to 50Ghz.

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Leverage ARC to Complete Your Next Complex Board and Cable Assemblies Project

ARC has the ability to build up CCAs, install components at the module level and build up sophisticated wiring and cable assemblies. We know what it takes, because we use this for our own manufacturing for complex, high-mix product builds.

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