ARC can Expertly Design Your Custom End of Line Functional Testing Solution

Whether you are testing RF LRU modules as a defense contractor, or implementing the next power supply tester for EV charge stations, ARC can create a custom, flexible automated end of line test solution for a variety of needs, with your budget in mind.

Leverage our expertise with PXI mixed signal modular instruments, RF test capabilities and switching to complete your next solutions. Shorten your test development times, improve hardware and software standardization, and control your future test development costs by partnering with ARC on your next project.

ARC’s expertise in test system design incorporates:
  • Latest PXI Modular Instrumentation selections
  • Selection of RF Equipment based on requirements and cost
  • Custom or off-the-shelf switching (optimized with your project in mind)
  • ARC’s DSX high-speed digital stimulus-response (offering up to 384 Digital I/O if needed)
  • A Virginia Panel mass interconnect interface module
  • Adaptable Test Fixture design and build
  • Power supplies and equipment power distribution
  • Quality, Industrial PC designed for whatever level of processing or data storage required
  • ARC’s TestCentre™ development software (or choose your favorite test executive such, TestStand™ or TAP™)

Innovation in Test Fixture Design Lowers your Per-device Testing Costs

The commercial off-the-shelf equipment can be coupled with an innovative test fixture design with a Configurable Interface Device (CID), which is a flexible, dynamic test fixture allowing increase test flexibility at reduced cost. Connect test equipment to a device under test via a standard Virginia Panel connector to the CID and then with a simple change in a personality card, you are up and running testing a different device, saving thousands of dollars by reusing the adapter technology for multiple circuit cards or devices.

Expert Test System Design Guaranteed to Improve your Testing Approach

With ARC’s design capabilities, you can achieve superb signal integrity via constant impedance and short signal lengths for the most demanding test applications. Ultimately, you’ll be able to keep your organization up to speed by production testing your products efficiently and accurately with an ARC based end of line tester.

We guarantee that our ARC’s test system design process will yield a robust tester to meet your most demanding requirements. Join other customers in the aerospace, defense, depot repair and commercial device markets that have realized these benefits with ARC’s custom end of line test systems.



Error Proofing Your Workflow – Your Manufacturing Process Verified

In today’s complex manufacturing world, having too little process data or unknown and missing process steps in your manufacturing workflow can produce an ineffective workflow and ultimately increase the risk of warranty claims for your products.

ARC has assisted in Error Proofing critical processes at many companies like yours, to implement visual based process verification, data-centric process flow and, if needed, connected tooling that can be combined to improve your operation. By providing a process verification system that can be connected into your manual and automated processes, you can achieve your error proofing goals.

Whether you are assembling a complex modern tractor trailer design or building the next generation jet engine, having the flexibility to verify manual steps and the mix of required automated processes allows you to implement an error proof workflow that hasn’t always been readily available. Introducing PVS, the tool of choice to make your LEAN manufacturing process, an effective one by eliminating missed steps, preventing incorrect procedures and allowing the data to follow the process. The ARC PVS platform is a flexible, user configurable software and hardware platform that can be the essential tool. It includes a built-in controller architecture allowing you to connect together PLCs, smart torque and assembly tools and a variety of discrete processes.

Shorten your test development times, improve hardware and software standardization, and control your future test development costs.

This highly integrated process verification platform incorporates:
  • ARC’s PVS software (visually guided process step window, process editor, process selection and reporting)
  • PVS Controller platform, running reliable OS, built-in trigger, DIO and communication protocols
  • Built in support of several smart Torque tools and PLC protocols
  • Getting Started Training and Evaluation Kit Packages Available

PVS Scalability is guaranteed to help your workflow

Whether you have a single assembly station, or you are scaling up to dozens of stations, PVS will get errors out of your manufacturing or assembly process. Check out the PVS page and contact ARC to help you configure and update your workflow with PVS based error-proofing.



ARC’s In-house Engineering Testing Capability Pairs Well with Production for Your Next Project

At ARC, we know engineering testing, and with our in-house mixed signal test capabilities, we can get you the right test services for what you need. Working with our leveraged partnerships (National Instruments, Keysight and others), we can augment our standard capability with whatever test requirements you have for power, precision analog, high-speed digital, and RF testing up through to 50Ghz.



Leverage ARC to Complete Your Next Complex Board and Cable Assemblies Project

ARC has the ability to build up CCAs, install components at the module level and build up sophisticated wiring and cable assemblies. We know what it takes, because we use this for our own manufacturing for complex, high-mix product builds.

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