Aerospace Customers Gain Productivity Enhancements with ARC Solutions

As a manufacturer in the aerospace industry, you can achieve gains in productivity using innovative mechanical assembly systems from ARC. In one application, an aircraft engine manufacturer achieved a 90% productivity gain by going from a 10 hour torque process on an engine joint fastening operation, to less than 2 hours using an automated vertical torque tool solution from ARC.

By working with multiple vendors, whether it is in the torque tool industry or measurement industry, the engineering and development team at ARC can leverage the broadest and best technology choices. Combined with ARC based know-how and electromechanical design capability, ARC can implement your custom solution to provide process verification, interaction with your workflow (automated and manual steps), physical assembly, data reporting and system robustness in the final application.

The ARC based solution will be built with:

  • Process Verification System (PVS), adapted to fit your process
  • Expert mechanical, electrical and tooling design
  • Interface to sensors, PLCs and instrumentation as required
  • Safety and ergonomics

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