ARC Has Key Product Innovations to Help Your Company Scale

We create customer specific solutions, but we’ve been able to put together a core product offering that can help your company succeed. For test capabilities, the MSAT platform offers a ready designed platform, to get you a test solution already designed within weeks, not months. For manufacturing, the PVS platform, offering a controller and software, allows companies to implement a best-in-class process verification solution with data collection that is not tied to a specific tool (tool agnostic), or PLC vendor. On the lifecycle and sustainment side, our product development platform, DSX allows us to quickly innovate and turn your legacy hardware or your innovative IP for a product into a modern FPGA based solution more quickly than going to a completely custom embedded development cycle.

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    A Product with Many Digital Personalities

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    Process Verification System (PVS)

    Error Proof Your Process with PVS – Your Manufacturing Steps Verified

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    Process Verification with Augmented Reality (PVS AR)

    PVS AR – Allows your Torque tool to Work within Augmented Reality Applications

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    Mixed Signal Automated Tester (MSAT)

    Shorten Your Test Development Time with ARC’s Mixed Signal Automated Tester (MSAT)

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    A Fully Featured ‘Lite’ Test Executive Packs a Big Punch in Improving your Automated Testing

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    Engineering Support Platform (ESP)

    ESP is a Rapid Prototyping Solution

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