Quarterly Newsletter – Edition 1: 2023 Q2

ARC has been providing our customers from a vast range of fields with superior radar and tech insertion solutions, automated test equipment and tooling assembly systems for over two decades. Our team has the unique ability to analyze and fully understand each of our customers’ specific needs.

ARC is excited to share with you our recent experience attending the PMMC Conference in Savanah Georgia back in February. We were able to showcase our existing and new products as well as meet with some industry leaders who are solving problems related to DMSMS and obsolescence.

We are excited to announce that for the first time, ARC will be attending the upcoming IEEE Radar Conference next week in San Antonio, TX. ARC’s mission is to solve complex technical problems, and we believe that the IEEE Radar Conference is an excellent opportunity to showcase our expertise.

Thank you for your feedback!

All members of the ARC team were great to work with.  They are all knowledgeable in their field and were very patient and accommodating with the issues we had.  I would definitely work with these guys again.  As a matter of fact, I told them before they left that I enjoyed working with them and they are welcome to come back any time they need to test anything in the Radar.  As a matter of fact, if this group needs to test anything else in the Radar and I am able to accommodate, just let me know and I would definitely have them back.

~ Clifton

ARC Technology Solutions has had a relationship with the Air National Guard since the early 2000’s. Being a Veteran owned small business, we were happy to help them extend the life of the MPN-14K Landing Control Central deployable radar system. Since then, ARC has resolved obsolescence and sustainability issues including fully replacing some systems, such as the Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) and Precision Approach Radar (PAR). This fascinating ongoing project has been long and extensive, so look forward to a white paper on the subject that our team is finalizing and will be published soon.

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